Part 2/2 Don’t Graduate!!

When it comes to building a lasting relationship it all comes down to the foundation. There is a story in the bible that Jesus told,(Matthew 7:24-27) it was about two men. The first man was building a home and decided to build it on sand.  When the rain came, the streams rose and the wind begin to beat up against the house and it was destroyed and washed away.  The other man was also building a home but he built it on a rock.  The rain came, the streams rose and the wind blew.  His home withstood all that had tried to destroy it.

If you build your relationship with Christ on the truth of what the bible has to say about him.  Then you are just like the man who built his home on a rock.  It will be able to withstand the craziness of life. If you build your relationship with Christ on anything other than truth it will crumble like the man who built his home on sand.  Developing spiritual habits such as, spending time with Christ in conversation and reading the bible, strengthens the foundation of your relationship with Christ.

No matter where you think you are in your relationship with Christ, the steps below should be considered.

  1. Understand who Christ is and what he has done for you.
  2. Allow that truth to be the motivation for pursuing a relationship with Christ.
  3. Develop spiritual habits that will strengthen your relationship with Christ.
  4. Allow your relationship with Christ to transform your entire life into one that imitates Christ.
  5. Connect with a leader or join a life group if you are not in one.  You need to be in community with other believers.  God designed us and our journey with Him to be in community with others not on our own.

One tip as you look at potential colleges is that you need to look at the surrounding churches.  It’s important that you are connected with other believers.  That should be a part of your college priority list.

If you would like resources to help you in one of the areas above you can respond to this post or email:

My prayer is that you are free to move on from high school into college knowing that you have built your relationship with Christ on a solid foundation.  Just because you’re graduating from high school doesn’t mean you should graduate from your faith.

hope it helps

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