Why I Hate Religion, but love Jesus/My Response!!

I was asked by a student my thoughts on this video so I thought I’d share them in a post.  With over ten million views this video is crazy popular. I’ve definitely seen it being posted and re-posted over and over again on Facebook.  I have to wear two different hats to respond to this video.  My check and balances hat says that some of his points in this video could  be better, although he does make some good points.  I believe the theme he should be referencing is man’s sinful  nature in the name of religion vs Jesus.  Just using the word religion could confuse people on the concept of religion.  So my advice would be don’t agree with a video because it’s popular or sounds right make sure it aligns with the bible.

Now, wearing my God can use anything hat.  I think because this video is so popular I believe this video can be used to talk about Christ to people who needs to hear about Him.  We should address the flaws but also address the opportunity this video has created.  I’ve learned that the opportunity to share Christ does not always come the way I expect it.   I think about how we use the good stories about Christ for good but we also use the bad that happened to Christ for good.  We use the good that King David of the bible did for good.  We also, use the bad that King David of the bible did for good.  So take the opportunities to share Christ out of the box of events and clubs. 

So I challenge students to use this video as a tool to talk to your friends about Christ.  You never know where people are in their life.  What you say might be just what they need to hear.

hope it helps

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  1. I agree 100% with your respond. When hearing anything associated with Christ as a Christian we are responsible to align it with the word of God, understanding that Gods word is the truth we stand on and not popular opinion. Sharing Jesus Christ is everyone’s responsibility, so while there may have been debatable phrases young man’s lyrics God can still use him.Well said, I love your Blog bro!!!!! Sharee Crumbey

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