Say Yes To Better Choices In 2014

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December_19-400x2002013 is done and in the past. And for some of us we celebrate 2013 as a great year, and for others 2013 needs to be erased and forgotten. ha Well, whether you  are on either side of the coin the new year gives you the opportunity to make it better than the last year. And the one thing that totally helps with achieving that goal is the opportunity and our ability to make better choices. A lot of times we try and do a lot more than we need to when it comes to new years resolutions, which isn’t a bad thing, but I want to encourage you students to just think about making better choices this year.

Sometimes it’s super easy to get caught up in trying to change the world that you get nothing done. Well, how about changing your world first with making better choices. Don’t get so caught up in the hype of reaching your goals, that you forget the choices that must be made in order to get there.

Trust me when I say time isn’t waiting for you to get your act together. Every second that goes by is unretrievable, so don’t wait. Start thinking about the choices you can make today that can set you on a better course for 2014.


  • Relationships – Think about the choices you need to make in order to become a better friend. Maybe make better choices to be there or better choices in being an encourager and not letting your friends waste their talent or potential. Even if you’re in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, 99% of all high school relationships don’t last to marriage. So think about how you can honor them better this year than last year. Maybe make the choice to stop pressuring them to do things that will dishonor their future wife or husband or Maybe make the choice to encourage them to follow their dreams. Even if it means you guys have to take a break.

Whatever choices you made in 2013, look to make better ones this year.

hope it helps


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