Part 1/2 Don’t Graduate!!

Heard a story the other night that motivated this post.  A student sent their leader a text full of concern and uneasiness.  This student was accepted into the college that they’ve always wanted to go to.  The issue comes with it being out of state. The students concerns are:

  • They are a new Christian and won’t have the support of their life group who has been like family to them.
  • They might stray away from Christ because they don’t feel strong enough to be on their own.

Statistics came out that if you filled 100 students in a room 65 of them would leave the faith after high school.  This has literally set off a student ministry wide search to come up with answers.  People are writing books, workshops and even doing podcast about it. Some are doing the blame game and others are pushing that they have the solution.  To be honest, I think it’s a great thing that we are trying to figure out our part in this as your youth ministry.  It’s definitely different for everyone and so we need to take different looks at the issue for sure.
My angle in this post is really to push you to think about the student in the story.  I hope that every student will have these concerns, but it’s not enough just to be concerned, but to have actions to follow.  Whether you feel like you have it all together or not, ask yourself these questions and be honest in your answers.

  • Do you know what it means to have a relationship with Christ?
  • How faithful are you in pursuing to be more like Christ?
  • Do you find it easy to get caught up in doing the wrong thing?
  • How committed are you to getting connected and growing in your life group or church group?
  • Do you feel like you have a solid foundation for what you should believe as a Christ follower?
  • Do you feel like God would be pleased with your life if it ended tomorrow?

These questions are definitely not about making you feel guilty.  God wants to be in relationship with you and has a purpose for your life.  No one plans to get to a point where they are just drifting out of relationship with God.  Even though some people give the excuse that it just happened, that’s not just the case.  There is a reason why out of a 100 students 65 drift off and out of relationship with Christ.  So as the youth ministry world makes this a priority in doing their part, I would ask you to do the same and check your walk/journey with Christ. Do the things that would strengthen the foundation of your relationship with Christ.  So that when the day comes for you to graduate from high school you don’t include your faith.

Your relationship with Christ is meant to be a relationship that lasts for eternity.  The choices you make today about your faith will impact your life either way in the future.  I would advise you to talk with your parents or your church group leaders about these questions and your response to them.  Find someone that you know will tell you the truth and give you sound advice.  Allow someone to walk with you as you build a faith that will last.  Just because you’re graduating from high school doesn’t mean you have to graduate from your faith.

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