1/2 School Shooting 3 dead 2 injured.

Crazy news came out yesterday about another School Shooting.  A kid brought a gun to school and opened fire on a group at a table in the cafeteria, injuring 2 and killing 3.  He fled the scene and was caught in his car a half-mile away from the school. Police are still investigating the situation.  Some students are saying he was just a quiet kid, and others are saying he was quiet and was being bullied.

My reasoning for this post is really to give you a chance to encourage students that are being bullied. Also, to speak to the kids who feel like bulling others is no big deal.  I’m not saying this was the cause of the shooting, we really don’t know at this time what caused him to open fire on a table of students.  What we do know is that bulling can cause students to react in two of the worse ways, doing harm to themselves or others.  I also believe there is no justification for this kids actions.  I could right a post on my thoughts but I think if kids could read this and see comments from their peers it would be more affective. So leave a comment addressing this question:

What would you say to the students at your school about the importance of treating each other with respect?

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6 thoughts on “1/2 School Shooting 3 dead 2 injured.”

  1. If you are being disrespected in school just know that the people who are doing the disrespecting has issues and problems of their own. They choose to deflect their hurt and pain on to you. So you keep your head up knowing that their bulling has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them. They need help. Knowing this helps not to take it personal.

  2. I definitely agree with your statement. Bullies find temporary pleasure by bringing pain upon others, but they need to find a permenant, everlasting pleasure; accepting Christ and acquiring of what it truly means to have a purpose-driven life.

  3. to the kids being bullied: Just keep your head up, & remember you can do anything through Christ, who gives you strength. If you look to God through these rough times, he wants to help you & he will, if you have faith in him & live through his purpose.Treating others with respect is very important because we all want respect. Bullies just have a more violent/hurtful way of obtaining respect & they need to know its NOT okay. It hurts & they can only realize that once they fill the void they have in their life. They need Jesus.

  4. I think people need to realize the effects bullying can have on a person before any more things like this happen. We can't wait for more stories to be told like this… People need to realize that there words and actions can make such a huge impact on someones life.To anyone who is getting bullied; stay strong and have faith. You can overcome anything and you have Christ standing by you to get you through it all. No matter how hopeless things may seem, just know that things will turn out okay, and never let anyone tell you that your worth any less than you are. To anyone who bullies others; your words and actions are so powerful. There is no reason for you to treat people with disrespect and hatred. Regardless of what you think someone did to deserve this, or what lesson you think it will teach them, or any of the other reasons you use to excuse your behavior, its wrong and no one deserves it. Bullying people doesn't define their character, it defines yours, and who really wants to be thought of as a bully? You can change someone elses life completely by treating them with kindness and respect. The things you say and do to someone can stick with them forever and leave them with emotional scars that will never fade. If you just turn everything around and treat them the right way, not only will there life be changed, but yours too. Hurting someone else, may give you a laugh or make you feel better about yourself for a moment but it will catch up to you, and you'll regret it. And what if it causes someone to go as far as the person did in this story?Remember how much your words and actions can affect someone else, and choose to live a different lifestyle, focused on loving others as Jesus did like brothers and sisters instead of hurting others.

  5. Treating others with respect is huge!In the bible it even says love your enemies more than yourself. Even if you are having a bad day that does not give you the right to hurt others. i understand that you may be going through a really hard time but to stop and think about what could happen as a result of bullying is huge. Also everyone is a creation of God and God made them the way that they are for a reason. NO one has the right to judge what God says is beautiful. im not saying i have it perfect but i try to be more like Christ each and every day God bless you all!

  6. Insecurity is the driving factor behind the bullying. Insecurity is the factor behind most things. We are carnal beings. We are fallen beings. In our insecurity we lash out to others. Sadly, it happens all to often. It is wrong. Straight up wrong. If people realized that they are chosen children of the Most High, of the God of the Universe, of the very God that created who they were. If as a society we loved one another more; if encouragement was a high priority. Imagine the difference. If we, the Church, loved our neighbor as we are called to do, as Christ loved. There would be much less insecurity and much more love. What if we were The Church? What if we lived as The Church was supposed to live? Imagine the radical difference in our communities. Such occurrences would become much more rare if God's love was shown a little brighter. Why not make that our goal? Challenge Accepted.

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