2/2 My Future Is Stressing Me Out!!

Thanks for taking the survey poll on the stress of the future.  Most of you polled that you do feel pressure but it does not consume you.  23.3% polled that you are pulling your hair out about the future.  The future should be something we look forward to, not stress over.  Stress for me would come when I have an idea of what I want the future to be but the direction isn’t clear.  I know for me it was about getting where I wanted to be and not feeling fulfilled in what I thought I wanted.  Here are a few points that I’ve learned that has corrected some of my thinking and has also encouraged me and relieved stress about my future.

  1. Trusting God for direction puts you on the right path to your future. Sigh of relief 🙂  The most important and beneficial thing you can have is God’s direction as you plan your future. 3 John 1:2 God knows your life from beginning to end, and only wants what’s best for you because He knows it blesses others.  
  2. Fully understand your life’s purpose in Christ. It’s important that you know God is not against you planning your future.  He just knows it’s better to plan with Him as the architect/producer/director.  He is a great stress reliever.
  3. Don’t allow the future to just happen.  Do today what you need to so you can be where you want to be later.
  4. You must know that you create the future with the choices you make today. Find out what you can do today to put yourself on the track to where you want to be. You will not automatically arrive.    
  5. Don’t believe the lie about how far away the future is or the saying “you have time”. A more productive word for the future is “now”.  

Just because you are trusting God for direction doesn’t mean you do nothing.  You take your passion and align it with God’s word and then pursue it.  Allow God the ability to guide, change and grow you in the process. Proverbs 3:6(KJV) In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Because of this verse, I started praying “God I want your will to be done in all that I do. So direct me as I pursue (fill in the blank)“. Even though you are creating the future with the choices you make today you don’t have to make those choices alone and without guidance.  God wants to be with you every step of the way.  He doesn’t want us to stress over or even worry about the future. Instead take advantage of the day you have been given. Your Plans + God’s Direction = Your future being right where it’s suppose to be:)

I hope it helps!!


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