Pastoral Care Friday Quick Tip: A Healthy Summer in Youth Ministry

Summer can be super crazy for any youth group no matter the size.  We all are planning like crazy, ordering stuff, booking places to meet and renting stuff to use.  Then we go into the mode of managing and staffing all these events.  Then the summer fly’s by so fast that we don’t even get a chance to recap.  The only thing we know about the summer is it cost a lot of money and a ton of students or less than expected showed up.  Here are four things I’m thinking through for me and the team(We are all like high school students when it comes to the summer:)) –

  1. Pray, Pray, Pray….This year our team is going to be praying strategically for the summer.  You never pray enough.  Having a strategy helps people pray specifically and it helps remind people during this crazy summer time.
  2. Heighten your teams awareness of their own spiritual need for rest, and time with God.  Since we in the YM world move at a much quicker pace in the summer.  Sometimes we need to be reminded not to forget what fuels us and avoid burnout.
  3. Document life changing moments – Whether it’s through feedback surveys for each event or documented testimonies.  Give students and leaders a chance to respond to what God has done through the program or event you’ve planned.  Unsolicited responses are always the best in my humbled opinion.
  4. Encourage each other.

This is super short and quick but it will definitely make a huge impact on your summer.  Would love to hear other ideas on how to keep the summer healthy and about more than just how many showed up!!


hope it helps


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