Leggo!!!! First Post

So I thought my first post should be more of an introduction.

My name is Aaron Crumbey aka AC and I love youth ministry. I’m currently on staff at Saddleback Church. I’m over Pastoral Care for the high school ministry. You are probably asking yourself what in the world does that mean. I know you are because I’ve asked myself the same thing. I lead our team in how we care spiritually for our students who are struggling with issues, family life or just the normal hustle of being a teenager. Students are exposed to everything adults are exposed to. There is no difference in that area but there are a few differences in the response students have vs adults to the things they are exposed to. Also, how we care for students through the struggles they are facing differs from how an adult can be cared for.

So as I care for students I must be continuously prayerful, geniunely relational and creatively proactive. I will be sharing thoughts about various and even random things I have learned and some things that I’m still learning today. I almost never take things at face-value but I’m always looking for the root to why we act or react in any given situation.

I definitely view the bible as the guide in life. Viewing life in light of the bible gives 20/20 vision into life. Even though I don’t always like what I see, it has never steered me wrong. Hopefully I can help someone see 20/20 by some of the post coming later on.

This is a blog for students and leaders!! ha

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