For Students: Kayla Johnston – Five Learnings From High School!!

Student guest post #3 is from Kayla Johnston, a former member of my youth group. She is a freshman in college at APU.  I asked her to share some learning’s from high school. Check it out!!

Be All In – Looking back, I always tell people that my biggest regret was never getting involved in anything at my high school. I wish I had pushed myself to be a bigger part of my school, whether it was running for a position in ASB or starting a club with my friends. I see now that there were so many missed opportunities that I could have taken advantage of that would have allowed to make more friends or leave a lasting impression on my high school.

I thought that going to weekend services, small group, and events was enough to consider myself “involved” in my high school church ministry, but I wish I had taken more time out of my schedule to become a bigger part of the ministry. I regret never volunteering in the children’s ministry or junior high departments because I feel like I had so much I could have contributed to younger people but I was held back by the business of my high school schedule. I never fully took advantage of the many ministries that my high school ministry had to offer!

Care More  – There were only two teachers throughout all of my high school years that I distinctly remember having good conversations with and being closer with than any of my other teachers. I was always the girl who wanted to get my work done, leave class right away, and go see my friends rather than stick around and ask how my teacher’s day was going. As a student, you have such a great opportunity to reach out to your teachers, and most people don’t even realize it. I wish I had taken the time to get to know more of my teachers throughout high school.

Care Even More – My little brother and I only went to high school together for one year, but I wish it had not gone by so fast! I miss driving him to school in the morning and seeing him around campus throughout the day. Whether it is a younger sibling or just a younger student who you are close with, try to take time out of your week to spend time with them! Bring them lunch or meet with them after school to do homework. You have such a huge impact on younger students and I wish I had realized how much I loved going to school with my little brother.

Take Risks On Relationships – All of my best friends that I had grown up with went to different high schools. I had a lot of friends at my school, but never a group of people that I would consider my best, closest friends.  I wish I had taken the time to get to know more people on a deeper level at school rather than only spending time with them during the school day. I always hear people talk about their “high school friends” and I realize that I will probably never stay friends with kids from high school because I never gave them a chance to be close to me. Even if you have a great group of friends outside of school, like I did, take the time to seek out deeper relationships at school, too!

HS Relationships – I’ve learned from the experiences of others in this area and took their advice, If you’re going to date in high school, date someone that does NOT go to your school!  Of course, there are relationships that work out great that way, but it is important to have time apart, make separate friends, and live a portion of your own life away from the person you are dating.  Don’t date at the same school and you won’t have to deal with stupid arguments over why my boyfriend chose the prettiest girl in class to be his lab partner or why I walked to class with another boy. Dating is a big deal and should not be taken lightly. Of course, not dating at all in high school will save you from a lot of stress and arguments as well!

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