Last Post Of 2011

It’s been three months since I’ve started blogging so I don’t have a ton of posts yet. Writing has never been my strong suit but blogging has been something I’ve wanted to start for a while now.  I hope you’ve been encouraged by this blog.  I really look forward to what 2012 will bring as I continue to write in hopes to encourage youth workers and students through this blog.

Would love to hear your comments on a post that you’ve connected with or any feedback you may have about the blog.

2:29am Oh SNAPP
Connecting Daily
Crazy Thoughts
Hand Shake Hi-to-Hug Goodbye
Grandma’s Turkey
Youth-Leader-parents (My Child Is?)
Angel Hat Example Finally
Create an opportunity for students to share their struggle
Serving locally is a big deal
Life Group Gold

Early happy new year!!!

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