Grandma’s Turkey

I remember when I was younger we would spend thanksgiving with my grandmother.  She would start cooking the day before thanksgiving at around 11pm and would cook all night long.  The house would smell so good it would be hard to sleep.  When it came time to eat my mouth would water as all the food made its way to the table.  One of the last things that would come to the table would be the turkey.  The turkey would be huge, my dad would carve it and from there we would eat turkey for the whole week.  Meaning my grandmother would find ways to use the leftovers.  She would make turkey sandwiches and turkey salad.  Even the neck that came inside the turkey she would use, she wasted nothing.

As I was reminiscing about my grandmother and the turkey it made me think about my life. God has used every part of my life.  Even the things that I thought was useless.  I’ve had some great moments in my life, and I’ve also had times in my life where I could’ve been labeled a screw up.  I’ve come to learn that just like my grandmother with the turkey God doesn’t waste anything, but he uses it all the good and the bad.  I’ve seen God use parts of my life that I was kind of ashamed of.  He used it to help others that was going through the same thing.  I’m not giving you a green light to do the bad, but I really want to encourage those who have messed up.  Which would be everyone if we’re being honest.  You might feel or even see yourself as worthless but God sees you as priceless, and all the hurt and pain you’ve been through He can use to help others.  So if you’ve done things that makes you feel useless and/or unwanted.  I really want you to know that God still loves you and your life still has PURPOSE.       

Trust God with your life
love u all

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