Angel Hat Example Finally!!!!!!

Have you ever had a friend or know someone who always has to one up you?!  No matter what it is they have something better or they play what you do down if they can’t top you.  It’s like there is always a comparing competition going on with this person but they are the only one who gets to play. They are waiting eagerly for you to say what you have or what you did so they can top you.  Of course if you can’t think of someone it could be you….in which I say “STOP IT” just kidding…not really.

It’s crazy to think but if we’re honest we’ve all done the same thing. Maybe not to that extreme, but we’ve all found ourselves on a few occasions comparing ourselves to others.  Usually when we compare ourselves to others we have these responses:

  1. Glad we don’t have it as bad as the person we were comparing ourselves to.    
  2. Mad because they have something we don’t have or that they can do something we can’t do and for some reason we feel like they don’t deserve it and it’s mostly because we don’t have it.
  3. You begin to ask the question why them and not me or why me and not them.   

A lot of times we try and justify why we feel the way we do, but if we’re honest comparing ourselves to others has more to do with us then the people we are comparing ourselves to.  It is more about us being validated and feeling worth something than anything else.  Sometimes we need other people to validate us and make us feel special.  So we do what we think would accomplish that goal for us.  We also go down this path of comparing for ourselves.  Maybe we’ve made huge mistakes and feel like if we’re doing better than (a person) it makes us feel better about ourselves.

If you know me you know I love the Angels throwback fitted new era baseball caps.  Well, not too long ago I purchased two.  When I went to go buy them to my surprise they had went up in price.  Now there was nothing different about the hat, it was exactly the same but cost more.  It actually made me think.  At the same time I was feeling over charged..haha…I believe God was teaching me something.

What I learned that day was the creator sets the value of the created.  If you find yourself relating in any area of this post I want you to know that your life’s value has already been established.  Unlike my hat in which the creator determined the value of the hat by the materials of the hat, our value is determined by our creator and according to our creator’s love for us. Which our creator’s love for us has us valued at to die for(John 3:16) and that’s exactly what happened.  Jesus Christ loves and values us so much that he gave his life for us just so we can be in relationship with him forever(John 17:3).  Our value is not determined by what we do or what we have its determined by our creator, based on our creator and his love for us. You are more valuable than anything you could posses or do.  So there is no need to impress anyone including yourself.  God loves and values you the way you are and wants to be in relationship with you.   

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