Yo, everyone calls me AC.  I oversee Pastoral Care and the Weekend Volunteers for the High School Ministry at Saddleback Church in CA. I am married and we have three children. I’ve been in youth ministry for over four years. I love youth ministry and care deeply about seeing the next generation win.

I love to listen to all types of music and I love to make all types of music too. I can play a few instruments (my favorite is the cow bell haha). If I wasn’t so good at basketball I would probably be in the NBA. They only draft one superstar a year… it was between me and Kobe. haha #jokes

Being in pastoral care has been definitely a learning experience. There are a lot of confused, hurting, questioning and struggling students out there from all walks of life who need to be ministered to.  I’ve learned that great programs don’t equate to healthy ministry.  Great staff and volunteers caring for their students mentally, emotionally and spiritually does.  So that’s why I created this blog.  If one person can pull something from this blog that helps them, I have done my job. I want to share my learning’s and insight from my experiences in the trenches of student ministry.  I’m always thinking of how we can care for our students and leaders better.  So with all of the content on my blog feel free to use it for training and sharing with small groups. I also have guest posts from students within my ministry who needs to share their wisdom with the student ministry world. You can share those with your students or small group leaders as well and they can use them to discuss during small group time.  Hope you enjoy browsing through yoacblog.com.



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