2:29am Oh SNAPP!!

This is the post that came to me at 2:29am.  This came to mind as I opened up my gift from my wife… a G-Shock :).

I remember being young and waking up in the morning, running downstairs finding all the gifts with my name on it.  With each gift I found and opened my excitement grew.  After the last gift was opened I felt a little sad because I felt like Christmas was over.  I loved the feeling of seeing my name on gifts and opening them.  I can’t remember thinking about anything else during that time.  That’s how it was every Christmas. Until, I was around 15 years old when I opened the greatest gift ever given to man, Jesus Christ.

I always had the idea of who Christ was because I grew up in church, but it wasn’t until I experienced him for myself that I understood that he cared about me personally.  I didn’t get any earthquake chills or anything like that when I decided to start my relationship with Christ.  I just felt like there was a better life for me to live and that I needed to start living for more than just myself.  Christ had given me acceptance, unconditional love and a purpose that I would spend the rest of my life fulfilling. 

My prayer for students today is that they would receive and accept the same gift just as I did.  Receive acceptance, unconditional love and purpose. My prayer for those who have received and accepted the gift is that they would grow closer in a relationship with Christ.  Also, that there would be an urgency for them to share Christ with their friends.  Remembering that Christ was born so that everyone would have a chance to receive the gift of Christ.  The question is do you know friends that you use some acceptance, unconditional love and purpose that would fill their life with meaning?

Today – start a real relationship with Christ.
Today – share the news of Christ with a friend.

If you’ve committed to either or both I would love to hear about it. Also, share this post with friends and maybe discuss it.
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Merry Christmas!

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