Youth Worker: The B’s To Being A Great Youth Leader!!!

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Letter-B-iconPeople may say in order to be a great youth pastor/leader/worker/volunteer you have to be:

  • cool
  • funny
  • hip and hop
  • a video game wizard
  • able to rap and/or sing all the lastest tunes
  • just old enough to be like an older brother or sister
  • stylish
  • up on all the latest celebrity gossip

When the truth is great youth pastors/leaders/workers/volunteers just have to be.  I call it “The B List!!

  • Be willing to listen
  • Be willing to care
  • Be willing to support
  • Be willing to give of your time
  • Be willing to share wisdom
  • Be willing to speak truth in love
  • Be willing to affirm
  • Be willing to reach out
  • Be willing to up lift
  • Be willing to be approachable
  • Be willing to teach
  • Be willing to grow in patience
  • Be willing to love unconditional
  • Be willing to reflect Christ

I think you kind of get the point.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not wrong if you possess those things above the B list.  Well, except celebrity gossip(get a life) hahaha.. The fact is those things don’t make you a great youth leader.  The heart behind the B list does!

What would you add to either list?


hope it helps


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5 comments on “Youth Worker: The B’s To Being A Great Youth Leader!!!

  1. An awesome list! Thanks.

  2. AC,

    Thanks boss! Those are always great reminders, especially for those who feel like they are getting old or even intimidated for crossing cultural barriers. If I had to add another one…

    Be willing to get messy.

    On a practical level (games, events, etc…), but also on a spiritual level. Most students don’t have it figured out, and they are afraid that someone will find out. Who am I kidding, most of us don’t have it figured out. But being willing to step into a life that is messy and show all the other things you have listed is priceless.

    • acrumbey on said:

      Great feedback…especially on the be willing to get messy. Sometime you will have to do more than just pray for that student and send them on their way, but trusting in the call that God has placed on your life will get you through.

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